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About RWA

RWA is a leading business and compliance consultancy within the general insurance sector.  

For over 25 years, our team of specialists has helped individuals and businesses throughout the UK to achieve their goals, maintain regulatory compliance and effectively manage and develop their people via HR, e-learning and training.

RWA is built on a culture of sustainable leadership and good corporate governance. Our approach is to educate individuals and to help them run more efficient enterprises through a consultative approach.

RWA prides itself on the quality, experience and industry knowledge of its team of directors, subject specialists, support staff and regional business managers, which support clients throughout the UK. 

Our Services

Maintaining regulatory compliance is a complex and in-depth obligation that every authorised business must fulfil.  

Many regulated insurance businesses recognise the benefits of professional compliance support in helping them to meet regulatory challenges head-on, to provide support where required and to balance workloads or priorities.

A business which has a foundation of solid professional practices and conduct standards can focus its efforts and resources on business growth. In addition to compliance, RWA’s consultancy services can support clients in growing their business, whether through mergers and acquisitions, strategic decision making, governance or identifying simple efficient, RWA provides clients with the support they need. Key services include:

  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Authorisations
  • Regulatory consultancy
  • Business consultancy
  • e-Learning
  • Human resources consultancy
  • Training
Whether supporting those seeking authorisation, newly authorised brokers, established regional brokers or enterprise-level businesses, RWA can call upon its vastly experienced staff to deliver solutions that meet our client's needs. Teamwork is at the heart of everything that we do.